Innovetive Petcare

Innovetive Petcare owns and operates veterinary practices across the U.S. Our core values including caring for our partners, our team members, and our communities as well as providing training and development for all of our team members. For more information about Innovetive Petcare, please contact Kathryn Smith at or 512.354.1066.

As Innovetive Petcare travels the country this year, meeting veterinary students, veterinarians, and veterinary team members, we want to bring practical supportive resources as well as awareness to this important issue. Stop by our conference booth to pick up your free copy of Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, a pocketbook with self-assessments and practical tools to fight compassion fatigue and burnout. It’s super useful but also compact so you can stick it in a pocket, a purse, or a backpack. 


Put On Your Oxygen Mask First

Innovetive Petcare rolled out an Employee Assistance Program for members of all our practice teams. Now every one of our team members has free access to resources and tools to better manage work and life, including:

  • Unlimited counseling
  • Financial coaching and counseling
  • Will preparation
  • Tobacco cessation coaching
  • Bereavement counseling


Employee Assistance Program

The evidence is mounting: burnout and compassion fatigue contributing to staff turnover and veterinary suicide rates. It’s not inevitable. We can use the same care, education, and analysis we so willingly give our patients and clients to better care for ourselves.

Innovetive Petcare believes it is incumbent upon all of us to be warriors in the battle against compassion fatigue, so we launched two initiatives this year.