Welcome to the Innovetive Petcare Team

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New Employee Forms

As part of your onboarding, you’ll complete forms in Paycor, in addition to GoodHire and Equifax. Each vendor will send instructions directly to you via email, so check your account (including spam folders) to initiate the processes. ​

Employee’s Withholding Certificate (W-4)

The IRS changed the W-4! The form no longer captures withholding allowances. Check out the FAQ’s on the 2020 W-4 and tax withholding estimator before completing the form to ensure deductions from your paycheck are what you expect.

Innovetive Petcare Company Policies

Before launching Paycor, check out our company policies.

Before Your First Day…

If a drug test and/or background check is required for your role, results have to be returned before you can start on your first day. Complete the consent form as soon as possible and use the location locator to find a testing center near you.

Keeping You Healthy

Regular full-time employees are eligible for participation in Innovetive’s healthcare plans, including medical, dental, vision and more.  Coverage begins on the first of the month, following 30 days of employment.  

Investing in Your Future

We understand the peace of mind financial stability now and into the future brings.  Innovetive offers multiple paths to address these needs.

Innovetive Petcare—The Right Partner

Consider the following as you choose the right path for your clinic’s future. When choosing a partner, do you prefer…

“We invest in our people and practices so that both can reach their full potential.”


Partner with us


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