Frequently Asked Questions

When we partner with your practice, it’s because we believe in your potential. We want your practice to become the best version of itself. Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.
Q: What are my partnership options with Innovetive Petcare?
A: You can partner with us in one of three ways:

1. Sell your practice

If you’re ready to sell your veterinary practice, prepare for a personalized experience rooted in integrity and transparency. Our experienced team makes the process smooth from beginning to end, and we make it our mission to exceed your expectations every step of the way. When you sell your practice to us, we’ll continue to invest in your long-term growth and success of your practice. Your veterinary practice will maintain its identity, standards, culture, and medical autonomy while we support you with resources such as HR, payroll, recruiting, marketing, and more.

2. Share ownership of your practice

We recognize that you’ve built your animal hospital into what it is today. For this reason, we also offer the option to stay an owner while we help manage the day-to-day of your practice. If you love what you do and want to continue being part of your clinic’s growth, consider maintaining partial ownership of your practice. You’ll gain all of our business operations experience and equip your team with a generous benefits package, and you’ll be partnering with some of the brightest business minds in veterinary hospital management.

3. Partner with us to build a new practice

Got a vision for your own veterinary practice, but don’t want to do it alone? We help veterinarians build veterinary practices from the ground up by implementing business operations best practices from the very beginning. We help with every stage of the process—from identifying a location, creating the infrastructure, hiring qualified staff, purchasing equipment, and more. Our capable team will lean on experiences from our network of hospitals to help make the very best decisions for you.

Q: Will my hospital still have autonomy if we partner with Innovetive Petcare?
A: Yes! We treat every practice as unique, offering resources and solutions to meet your unique goals and challenges.
Q: Will my hospital be forced to comply with corporate standards for our medicine?
A: We believe that veterinary medicine is inherently local. Innovetive Petcare never has—and never will—focus on a top-down corporate formulary. Our practices make their own medical decisions. After all, it’s what they do best.
Q: Will we be forced to cut expenses?

A: We think bottom lines are improved through growth, not from cutting operational corners or staff changes. Our team provides operational consulting services to hospitals in the following areas:

– Practice management training and mentorship
– HR management & recruiting services
– Inventory management assistance
– Marketing program development
– Staff training and development
– Fee schedule review
– Doctor production analysis

Q: Will we have to rebrand our hospital to Innovetive?
A: No! You worked hard to create the identity and reputation of your practice. We preserve the legacy you have built by augmenting your existing internal culture and providing your team with best-in-class resources to continue succeeding.

Got more questions?

Contact us at or call 512-969-6933.

“I couldn’t be happier with how things are going–from benefits to home office staff to training and HR. It’s been pretty amazing.”

Dr. Amanda Smith
Springs Veterinary Care Veterinarian
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